Dalessandro's versus Chubby's cheesesteaks

The best cheesesteak in Philadelphia debate is a tiresome and endless one. Every Philadelphian has their personal favorite spot and every other person will tell you that Geno’s and Pat’s are tourist traps. We are not going to resolve the great cheesesteak debate today, but we will attempt to address the Dalessandro's versus Chubby’s one once and for all.

Dalessandro's and Chubby’s come up regularly when you ask a local for the best cheesesteak recommendation. Usually, Dalessandro's is mentioned and someone will quickly tell you to check out the underrated Chubby’s across the street. The two shops sit across from each other, separated by Henry ave in Roxborough.


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In our experiment, we ordered a cheesesteak each from Dalessandro’s and Chubby’s steaks. Both places had a line, but Dallesandro's had a much longer wait time. Dalessandro's bread seemed higher quality and their meat was more heavily seasoned, although still a bit lacking in flavor. The onions from both shops were buttery, but not so thoroughly distributed. They kind of just dropped the onions on top of the meat. Chubby’s onions were also overwhelmingly drenched in butter. Personally, we prefer our onions cooked in steak grease.

As the lines of people had foreshadowed, Dalessandro's cheesesteaks beat out Chubby's in this competition. We would recommend you check either of these cheesesteaks if you’re in the Roxborough neighborhood, but there are enough quality cheesesteaks in the city that you don't have to go out of your way.