Vietnamese coffee and hoagies at Cafe Vinh Long

Cafe Vinh Long is a family-owned Vietnamese cafe located in the Lower Moyamensing neighborhood of South Philadelphia. This authentic coffee shop has been a staple along the 7th st business corridor for nearly 20 years. The neighborhood has changed plenty throughout the decades, but the made-to-order Vietnamese hoagie (banh mi) and coffee (ca phe) has remained the same as when the shop first opened.

The owners brought the recipes and coffee extraction method from South Vietnam when they arrived in Philadelphia in the late 80's. They opened Cafe Vinh Long (originally named Minh Chau) at a time when Vietnamese restaurants and coffee shops were a rare commodity in Philadelphia.

Today, we can find Vietnamese dining in nearly every neighborhood. Vietnamese coffee is sold at pho restaurants, Asian bakeries, and hip coffee shops. There's even Cà Phê Roasters, a Vietnamese coffee roaster in Kensington.

At Cafe Vinh Long, Vietnamese coffee is not reinvented. It is the same coffee your grandparents would have found at their favorite coffee hut served on the sidewalk of Vietnam. It's simple, it's robust, and it's delicious.

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Cafe Vinh Long
2230 S 7th St
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 334-8505